Confederation of European Computer User Associations

Confédération Européenne des Associations d'Utilisateurs des Technologies de I'Information


CECUA is a Confederation of 12 European Computer User Associations covering 12 countries in the European Union, the European Economic Area and European Free Trade Association representing well over half a million users at the association, enterprise and individual level.

CECUA was founded in 1982 and has since been actively promoting issues of importance to computer users in Europe. CECUA has worked closely with the European Commission, particularly with DGXIII and DG III. Through its effort CECUA has made major contribution toward the development of the Information Society with the user in focus

Currently CECUA Chairs the DG XIII ICT Partnership Working Group 2 "The Citizens' need for Trans-European Services" CECUA is also an active member of the DG XIII "Information Society Forum"

CECUA recognised the need for a partnership of major players in the information Society that addresses societal as well as technical issues, and formed a partnership of leading European organisations to stage the highly acclaimed Conference, "The Citizen and the Global Information Society", held in Brussels April 1998.

As a direct result of this conference, CECUA and its partners are now actively promoting a Bill of Rights for the Citizen in the Information Society, which is the topic of the current debate.