Confederation of European Computer User Associations

Confédération Européenne des Associations d'Utilisateurs des Technologies de I'Information


Dear Colleagues,

This message to confirm that the meeting with the European business and user associations will be organised on Friday 20 September in Brussels from 11hoo a.m till 16.00 p.m.

Location: 24 avenue de Beaulieu at Brussels-Auderghem, room 0-53

You will find attached to the message two documents:

1) position of the US Industry on the ICANN Reform provided by Tony Holmes
2) Agenda of CECUA as regards Internet Governance

The discussions will mostly focuss on the ICANN Reform and on the organisation of European business and user associations. Do not hesitate to comments and provide inputs and documents for the meeting.

Please find hereafter the draft agenda for the meeting:

· ICANN Reform
· Positions of Industries, Business
· European involvement in SOs and At Large processes
· New TLDs, .ORG, .EU, WLS, etc.
· Multilingual & multicultural issues
· Preparation of the Shanghai meetings

Looking forward to seeing you on 20 September

Best regards

Richard delmas