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Confédération Européenne des Associations d'Utilisateurs des Technologies de I'Information
CECUA supports German civil society appeal

Since the German economy is crawling out of her stagnancy hole many activities are made to push the GNP to new records. So Chancellor Angela Merkel asked to have an IT-summit-meeting on Information society with all groups concerned. This will happen at 18 of December and it seems that not all groups are satisfied. Concerning the invitation the very successful multi-stakeholder approach of the WSIS summits has not been taken in account. The consumer protection organization of Germany was the only participant of the civil society group which was invited. This is more than astonishing because just the German partners of the civil society where very successful in preparation and development of the WSIS summits. The other problem was the conception of the agenda. All topics of the planned summit indicated the influence of politics and economy. The societal subjects where nearly completely missed. A large group of the unified German civil society cooperatively wrote a letter and asked Chancellor Merkel to enlarge the agenda and the list of participants of the summit to include the German civil society and their requests. This letter has been signed by around 300 individuals and corporations. Certainly also by CECUA because of her interest in the societal part of the Information society. We hope Chancellor Merkel will listen to the appeal. The IT-summit-meeting on Information society is an important event and equally important is to get it on the right foot from the beginning. The agenda and participants are two key issues for success.

Friedrich Dittmer
CECUA Deputy Director
Media and Public Relations


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