Confederation of European Computer User Associations

Confédération Européenne des Associations d'Utilisateurs des Technologies de I'Information

Ethical dimensions of the information society:
Ethics and human rights in the information society

Strasbourg, September 13 and 14, 2007
Dr. Jon Thorhallsson
President CECUA
Professor, University of Iceland (former)

 On September 13 and 14, 2007 the French national Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with UNESCO and the Council of Europe organized a regional conference on "ethics and human rights in the information society".

 CECUA President Dr. Jon Thorhallsson was invited to participate in a workshop dedicated to the ethical issues regarding access to information, knowledge and culture. His presentation focused on the CECUA Draft Bill of Rights ( ) and its ethic values with regards to access to information, knowledge and culture.

 In his Synthesis Report from the Conference, Yves Poullet, Professor at the Universities of Namur and Liege, made a special reference to CECUA and the CECUA Draft Bill of Rights for stressing the same ethic values as done inthe foundation of UNESCO’s Constitution.

 The whole presentation is included below for downloading.

 This was third of a cycle of regional conferences launched by UNESCO in order to make a contribution to the implementation of the Action line C10 “Ethical dimensions of the information society” of the Geneva Action Plan of the World Summit on Information Society. The conference gathered representatives of all the stakeholders favouring exchanges of views and interaction, and aiming at identifying the main issues raised by ICTs and their usages and at formulating operational recommendations designed to encourage the setting up of a governance mechanism based on the sharing of responsabilities.

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