Confederation of European Computer User Associations

Confédération Européenne des Associations d'Utilisateurs des Technologies de I'Information
Bill of Rights
Position Paper
Discussion Paper
Liege Bill of Rights Promotion October 17 - Summary
Liege Bill of Rights Promotion October 17 - Announcement
Paper on Digital World 2030 - Place for Europe?
Paper on Internet Governance
Europen Internet Foundation Digital World 2030
What's all the fuss about Domain Names?
Governance of the Internet: what is ICANN's legitimacy ?
ICANN Case for reform - the death of the user
CECUA Report for the year 2001
CECUA puts user dimension into practice
Dr. Jon Thorhallsson represention to ICANN
DG INFSO & ISOC - Brussels 7.12.01
YES for Europe 11th Forum in Istanbul
Hackers - heroes or criminials?
CECUA wants .EU as space of Trust and Confidence
MEDEF Paris CECUA President's address June 27
ICANN/GAC Stockholm CECUA President's address June 2, 2001
Newborn Babies with their own free Websites
The Information Society and family budget !
Is Your personal name a commodity in cyberspace?
The Information Society and the family budget !
The Peoples Internet
The Global Internet Society: Freedom or Anarchy?
Citizenship and consumerism - what's it to you?
US President gets democracy on the Internet!
Millennium and Information Technology
Hot Legal Internet issues
Who needs a watchdog?
Reaching out to the non-converted
The over 50 year olds surf the Net
There is a "Saint" out there doing it
BBC Chief warns of danger....
Project I - Spy